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Thinking Of Android Development But Don’t Know Where To Start From

If you are thinking to start android development then the first question you get in your mind is “Where to start from“. Well, that’s the common question. it stuck in every one’s mind who has not started Android development yet. But by the end of this post you will be more confident to start android development.

What programming language i need to learn for android development:

I assume that you never did any coding. So, The first thing you should know​ about in this field is basics of Java language. Though Google has declared Kotlin as the second official language for android development but as compare to Kotlin, Java has more demand so i suggest you to stick with Java (But it’s all up to you). If you ever need to use Kotlin in your project you can change your Java code to Kotlin by pressing one key in Android Studio.

In this post we will talk about Java. For android development it’s not necessary for you to be an expert in Java. if you are beginner in Java that will work too but more knowledge in Java will make you better understanding of android structure and there will be more stability in code. To start android coding you just need to know types of variables, class, method, basically fundamental of Java. Later, in android development you will learn new Java things there too.

I have learned Java what next:

OK, if you get some scoop of Java, then this is the time to dive in android. To get started with android you need to know about the working principal of android, the life cycle in android programming and many things. And you can get these by following​ some good books or some online tutorial. There​ is a website dedicated to android development from Google : which will help you in android development.

Got an android course, but need to code on computer:

Well, then you need some softwares and tools to get work with android. So the first thing you need here is  Android SDK (Software development kit) to develop and compile the code. Second thing is Android Studio, an IDE (Integrated development environment) dedicated to android. You can choose your favorite editor or IDE like Intellij or Eclipse but the best practice is to use Android Studio. Android Studio is the official IDE for android development from Google and only Android Studio will get support and plugins from Google . After setting these two you are all set to develop your first android programme. That’s all in this post.

To know about Android Studio read my next post : Download and Setup Android Studio on Windows, Linux and Mac.

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