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How To Start A WordPress Blog (A Step By Step Guide For Beginner)

You want a blog for your business or to share your knowledge with the world. Whatever reason it is, it’s good to start a WordPress blog. Blogging with wordpress is good because it has great flexibility, reliability, community, plugins and many other things that make it the best blogging platform. Even this blog is made up on WordPress.

OK, you know all this theory, so why have not you started yet ? May be whenever you think to start a blog, it ends with scratching your head, because you don’t know where to start form. Or you think that starting a WordPress blog is very difficult because it’s a professional thing. Don’t worry, By the end of this post, you will be able to start your own WordPress blog within just 15 minutes.

There are some process you need to follow to create a WordPress blog:

  • Buy a domain name for your WordPress blog.
  • Buy web hosting for your WordPress blog.
  • Configure domain name with web hosting server.
  • Install WordPress on server.

Buy domain name for WordPress blog or website:

Choosing a domain name totally depends on type of blog. A domain name should reflect your brand, it should be unique, it should be pronounced easily and it should not be lengthy. For example, “” is reflecting that this blog is about technology, it is unique, it is easy to pronounce and it is not that lengthy.

For an established website or blog, It’s very hard to change domain name in future because audience is connected with the blog by its domain name and changing domain will make them unreachable to the blog. So take some time before choosing a domain name or you can use PickyDomains to get suggested the by others.

To buy a domain name for your blog, you can choose any domain name service provider like BigRock, GoDaddy, HostGator, BlueHost or FastWebHost.

Buy web hosting for WordPress blog or website:

Selecting a web hosting for a blog can be tricky, because there are various type of web hosting like shared hosting or dedicated server hosting and many other. You can choose any of them, but for beginner i will suggest you to start with basic plan in shared web hosting. As a beginner, you don’t need much disk space or bandwidth and a basic plan is lot cheaper than other plan. And if you found yourself in low disk space or bandwidth, it’s very easy to upgrade to a bigger plan.

To buy a web hosting, you can choose any web hosting provider like BigRock, GoDaddy, HostGator, BlueHost or FastWebHost.

Configure domain name with web hosting:

Configuring domain name with web hosting is simply means setting the DNS Name Server for domain name. DNS Name Server tells the domain that where to look for the files. For example if you have bought domain name from BigRock and web Hosting from BlueHost, How would the domain know on which server you have put the files. So we have to set the DNS Name Server with domain name. To set the DNS Name, First ask your web hosting provider for DNS Name then ask your Domain provider to set that name with Domain.

Here is the screenshot of DNS Name Server setting for this blog.

How to set DNS name server

How to install WordPress on server:

Now it’s time to install WordPress on the server. There are two ways to install it on the server. First is by using an online tool provided in your Cpanel and second is by uploading file on server manually.

Installing WordPress using online tool.

Using a tool to install WordPress is very easy, you just need to provide some basic parameters in the tool. To do so, just login to your Cpanel and click on the WordPress icon in application installer. It will ask you some parameters for your blog, enter it and it’s done.

Install wordpress on hosting server using application installer1

Though using tool to install WordPress is very fast and easy, some people recommend to install it manually. They say that the tool which you are using to install WordPress can put malicious code or can change some setting without your knowledge. Me too prefer manual installation of WordPress, what it takes, 5 more minutes and some knowledge. Atleast we can be sure that our blog is fresh.

Installing a WordPress blog manually.

First download WordPress on your computer from this link: Download WordPress. It will be in “.zip” or “.tar.gz” format, just extract it.

Now you have to upload extracted files and folders on server, to do so you can use file manager in your Cpanel or you can use any FTP client like FileZilla or CoreFTP. Upload all the files and folders from WordPress folder to “public_html” folder on the server. Here is screenshot of the file structure in Cpanel file manager.

web hosting file structure

Now it’s time to configure WordPress blog. To do so, just open domain name in browser, if everything is fine you will see the following page.

install WordPress first countontech

Read the page and click on Let’s go! button. Below is the screenshot for next page.

Install wordpress second countontech

Here enter the Database Name as you want, but it’s good to choose any random name (not easy to guess) for security purpose. Enter Username and Password same as your cpanel Username and Password. Keep the Database Host as default (localhost), in most cases it will work, if it does not then you need to contact to your web Host provider. Change Table Prefix any random word for security purpose (make sure no one can guess easily). Now click on Submit button. Screenshot for the next page is below.

Install wordpress third countontech

Here you get All right page. Now just click on Run the install button. Below is the screenshot for next page.

install wordpress forth countontech

Here is the Welcome page. Now enter the Site Title then choose a Username and Password for your WordPress blog (this username and password is not same as you entered on previous page, that username and password was for your database login and this is for WordPress login). Make sure to choose strong Username and Password. Now enter Your Email and be careful with Search Engine Visibility, tick it if you don’t want to index your blog on search engine else keep it unticked. Now click on Install WordPress. Below is the screenshot for success page.

install wordpress fifth countontech

Now you have successfully installed WordPress blog. Just click on Log In to go ahead. Here’s screenshot for next page.

install wordpress sixth countontech

Just enter your Username/Email Address and Password then click on Log In button. And the next page will be the Dashboard of your WordPress blog.

Congratulations, you have started your first WordPress blog. Finally you can create a blog post and share with the world. That’s all in this post.

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