The Best Ubuntu Theme And Icon Pack To Make Ubuntu More Beautiful

I personally don’t like default Ubuntu theme and the first thing i did after installing Ubuntu was to change Ubuntu theme and icon. If you also don’t like default Ubuntu theme or you have been bored with it, Just change it with the best Ubuntu theme and Icon pack. The name of the theme I am talking about is Adapta Gtk theme and the name of Icon pack is Numix Circle.

Here are some desktop screenshot of my Ubuntu 16.04 LTS with Adapta Gtk theme and Numix Circle icon pack.

Click on image to zoom

It looks cool, doesn’t it ?

But before using this theme and icon pack, you should have Unity Tweak Tool installed in your Ubuntu. As the name suggest, Unity Tweak Tool is used to tweak Ubuntu desktop. Using Unity Tweak Tool, It is very easy to change Ubuntu desktop settings like theme, icon, or cursor.

So, in this post we will learn to install Unity Tweak Tool, Adapta Gtk theme and Numix Circle icon.

Download and install Unity Tweak Tool:

You can install Unity Tweak Tool using following command.

sudo apt-get install unity-tweak-tool

Download and install Adapta Gtk theme (Best Ubuntu theme):

To download Adapta Gtk theme, there are two options.

The first one is by clone it at your desktop from Github. Use this option If you have git installed on your Ubuntu or use second option. To clone, run following command.

cd Desktop
git clone

Second option is by download then extract using below command.

cd Desktop
unzip -d adapta-gtk-theme

When first or second option completes, run following command.

cd adapta-gtk-theme
sudo make install

Adapta Gtk theme has been installed.

Downlod and install Numix Circle icon (Best Ubuntu icon pack):

To download Numix Circle icon, simply run following command.

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:numix/ppa
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install numix-icon-theme-circle

You have installed Numix Circle icon too. Now it’s time to activate best Ubuntu theme(Adapta Gtk) and best Ubuntu icon pack(Numix Circle).

Activate Ubuntu theme and icon pack:

To activate this Ubuntu theme and Ubuntu icon pack, open Unity tweak tool and click on theme.

Now select Adapta in the list.

There is one more variant of Adapta Gtk theme with name Adapta-nokto, you can use any one from these two Ubuntu themes.

Now click on Icons tab and select Numix-circle.

There are some other variant of Numix too with name starting with Numix. You can check those too.

Finally, you made your Ubuntu desktop look beautiful using Adapta Gtk theme for Ubuntu and Numix Circle icon pack for Ubuntu. That’s all in this post.

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